Harold Stevenson Jr. Timeline




1929  Born March 11, at Idabel, Oklahoma 

1947-8 Attended the University of Oklahoma, he met architect Bruce Goff while he was the director of   

the Architect School at OU, upon his encouragement Stevenson left university and moved to NYC. 

1949 Soon gained representation by Alexander Iolas Gallery (then known as Hugo Gallery) had shows at the Bodley Gallery and others. Group shows, and three one-man shoes at the Iolas Gallery. Other one-man shows during this period included San Francisco, Dallas, University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Art Center, Oklahoma City. 

1959  He arrived in Paris, France and established residence with his own phone number. 

1960  One-man show, Galerie La Cour d’Ingres, Paris. 

1962 One-man show, Galerie Iris Clert: Le Sensuel Fantastique, which included the portrait of Lord Willoughby de Eresby in 25 pieces. 

1962 Piccola Biennale, Venice, Italy 

1962  “Eye of Lightning Billy,” exhibited at the Sidney Janis Gallery, New York, the show was entitled “The New Realists,” and included Andy Warhol and other notables at the time. Harold was later pulled from the show. 

1962  One-man Show, “the Human Telescope,” at the Robert Fraser Gallery, London. 

1963 One-man exhibition: “The New Adam (“Adam Retrouve”) Galerie Iris Clert, Paris. 

1964 Three one-man exhibitions in U.S.A at Richard Feigen Gallery, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. 

1964 The El Cordobes painting finished (48-foot-high) it was exhibited on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. 

1964 Biennate Fiottante, Venice: paintings confiscated by Italian police: two lawsuits were filed: paintings were acquitted in 1966. 

1964  “Harold,” movie entitled by Andy Warhol; premiered in Los Angeles. 

1965   “Pop Art, “International exhibition, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles. 

1965 Went back to his studio in Idabel, Oklahoma. 

1965  “Homage a Stevenson,” (“The New Adam,”) was shown Svensk-Franska Konstagalleriet, Stockholm Sweden. 

1965  One-man exhibition of the “Great Society, 100 Faces” (The Idabel Paintings) at Iolas Gallery, New York. 

1966  “Erotic Art ’66” , Sidney Janis Gallery,  New York. 

1967 First showing of “The Great Society, 100 Faces,” at Idabel, Oklahoma. 

1968 One-man exhibition, “The Great Society,” Galerie Iris Clert, Paris. 

1969 One-man exhibition, “La Chasse,” Galerie Iris Clert, Paris. 

1969 One-man exhibition, Galerie Hake, Kolo, West Germany. 

1970 “Sculptures in Crystal,” brought to Paris: Knoedler & Company. 

1970 First one-man exhibition in Rome: “La Medusa,” Gallery. 

1972 Iolas Gallery, NYC

1973 Iolas Gallery, NYC

1973  La Medusa Gallery, Rome. 

1973 April 3, “Altar of Peace,” premieres at the Alexander Iolas Gallery in NYC




2018 Harold Stevenson Jr. passed away October 21, at Idabel, Oklahoma